Accountor HR Solutions is the most experienced expert and technology company in Finland focusing solely on payroll and human resource management solutions.


Are you looking for tools to develop the life cycle of an employment relationship, enhance human resource management and payroll administration, and produce useful information for executives and management? You have come to the right place!

The Mepco HRM and MepcoPro solutions support both private and public sector companies of all sizes engaged in various fields of operation.

Already more than 450 Finnish companies and organisations rely on our experience in HRM solutions. Our experts and modern systems help you manage all the stages of an employment relationship efficiently.

Accountor HR Solutions was founded in January 2017 when Mepco Oy divided into two new companies. Read the story from here. 





We want to be trustworthy, responsible and ethical towards our clients, partners, employees, directors and other stakeholders. Accountor´s Code of Conduct is an important tool for risk management and it sets out the general principles and guidelines which all our employees, managers and partners need to comply with.

This Code of Conduct is accepted by the General Management Team of Accountor and it is binding to all our business lines in all our countries.

Read our Code of Conduct here.

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Petri Kahisalo

Managing Director

+ 358 40 358 5494

Perttu Seppänen

Sales Director

+ 358 45 676 4583

Pasi Ilmarinen

Continuous Services

+ 358 45 313 0362

Janne Talvitie

Project Deliveries

+ 358 44 341 6684

Juha Reiman

Future Solutions,

Public Sector

+ 358 40 675 1165

Hannu Lyytikkä

Sales Manager

+ 358 50 387 0480

Veli-Matti Puranen

Sales Manager

+ 358 400 589 722

Martti Rinne

Sales Manager

+ 358 400 715 055

Ari Honkaniemi

Sales Manager

+ 358 400 831 788

Matti Kettunen

Sales Manager

+ 358 40 503 3536

Want to work with us?

We have various job openings for both experienced experts as well as future professionals who are just embarking on their careers. For instance, we offer job opportunities for experts in delivery projects and software development. We focus on payroll and human resource management processes, and the efficient utilisation of systems that support them.

We are a technology provider in charge of the entire life cycle of the most popular HR management and payroll administration system in Finland, from product development and coding to implementation projects and further development. We are always looking for new, skilled client and web developers, technical architects, application consultants and project managers.

We also offer interesting entry-level jobs for students and new graduates. Contact us whether you are looking for a traineeship, your first job after graduation, or if you are doing your thesis work. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to develop their skills and who have fresh ideas, as well as future professionals.


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More information about recruitment, please contact:

Marjo Ylinen

+ 358 40 766 3974


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