Mepco has been transformed into two new companies under the Accountor name

Mepco Oy has become two companies, each focusing on its own area of solid expertise: Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy and Accountor HR Solutions Oy.

From 1 January 2017 onward, Mepco Oy’s operations are being handled by two new companies.

Established in 2003, Mepco has enjoyed profitable growth from day 1 and has helped nearly a thousand organisations to develop, expand, and serve their customers and other stakeholders more efficiently. Both Accountor Enterprise Solutions and Accountor HR Solutions are part of Accountor Group’s software division, which is composed of thriving companies that specialise in digitalisation of business operations and public-sector services. These companies receive support from the international Accountor Group.

‘We decided to separate the operations into two companies because this enables Accountor Enterprise and Accountor HR to offer services to all enterprises and every organisation in an agile manner. By focusing on our key areas of expertise, we can offer faster solution deliveries and even better service to our customers. This will also give us a competitive edge,’ explains Markku Pekkola, Executive Vice-President for the Accountor Group Software Division.

Bringing extensive process expertise to the table, the 120-strong Accountor Enterprise Solutions will focus on offering solutions based on global business platforms. Its core expertise covers sales and marketing, customer service, enterprise resource planning, financial administration, management by information, and innovation in business (including models of operation). Accountor Enterprise helps its customers develop all aspects of their business. Services extend from automation of operations to improvement of the customer experience, management of sales channels, and creation of new business models. The company’s operations are rooted in unparalleled expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite platforms. Eero Noroviita, who was at the helm of Mepco in 2016, is now the managing director of Accountor Enterprise Solutions Oy.

With its world-class HR expertise, Accountor HR Solutions Oy specialises in HR and payroll services for companies and other organisations of all sizes. Accountor HR is Finland’s most experienced expert-services and technology company that focuses solely on payroll and human-resource management solutions. Its expertise is based on Finland’s number-one HR and payroll-management system, Mepco HRM, which facilitates the easy management of all stages of an employment relationship and enables performing payroll and HR management and recruitment from one convenient location. Pekkola, who founded Mepco, now serves as Accountor HR’s managing director.
Strong customer-orientation is the guiding principle for both companies. ‘We will succeed only when our customers succeed,’ explains Noroviita.

Further information is available on the companies’ websites: and

Contact points for further information:

Eero Noroviita, Managing Director of Accountor Enterprise Solutions: and tel. +358 50 536 4122

Markku Pekkola, Managing Director of Accountor HR Solutions: or tel. +358 400 233 150



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