Are Oy´s new HRM system makes suprervisors´work easier

October 2016


When deciding to implement a new HRM system, Are Oy wanted to involve the end users in the project. After all, the goal was to have a system that would offer them the best possible support.

‘One of the main goals for the project was to make our supervisors’ work easier. And we reached that goal,’ HRD manager Päivi Lyly said in a customer reference piece published last week.


The challenges posed by working with numerous collective agreements

Are Oy operates in the building engineering and property management sector, which means that the company’s supervisors have to take into account the numerous collective agreements applied in this field. Every team in the company is likely to have employees whose tasks fall under several separate collective agreements, and the supervisor must deal with all of these.

‘Several collective agreements are applied to our operations,’ explains Urpo Lindroth, customer-service manager at Are Oy, continuing: ‘We have building service engineers, property engineers, and electricians, and all of these jobs is subject to its own distinct collective agreement. Therefore, matters related to, for example, wages can be difficult for the supervisor to handle.’

With these challenges in mind, the goal was to create a system that was as easy to use as possible. The program allows a supervisor to select the appropriate collective agreement, limiting the options offered by the system to those that are in line with the terms of the agreement in question. The supervisor doesn’t have to double-check every detail separately.


A user-friendly system

When talking about the system, many of the supervisors mention its user-friendliness. For example, service manager Erkki Vuorio says: ‘The system is simple and easy to use. The commissioning process in particular went extremely smoothly.’

‘The system is really user-friendly,’ says Urpo Lindroth, agreeing wholeheartedly with his colleague. He explains: ‘Over the years, I’ve gained experience of a number of programs, and this is among the easiest to use. All you need to do is start at the top and fill in every field. You can’t go wrong.’

Nonetheless, the users were not expected to master the new software without assistance, and everybody was given the opportunity to attend training. ‘Are’s training was brilliant. It was easy to follow, and we went through things in depth and did training exercises. The course provided us with the skills required to work efficiently with Mepco,’ says Lindroth.


Holidays and absences at a single glance

How does the system work in practice? This is what the supervisors had to say…

‘I can see directly from the system’s main view whether my subordinates are at work or on holiday. This makes things easier, particularly during the summer holiday season. You can also use functionality that allows you to view information on a colleague’s subordinates when that supervisor isn’t at work. You don’t have to try to remember it all yourself, and that can only be a good thing,’ comments Vuorio.

‘I can view information on each of my subordinates in the system. This enables me to manage the employment relationship from start to finish. I can also check everybody’s holidays and other absences in the system. It’s a handy tool,’ says Lindroth.

‘The system works as planned, and I think that’s the best feedback you can give on a tool like this,’ Vuorio adds.


Sources of further information:

For Mepco Oy: Martti Rinne, M.Sc. (Econ.), Sales Manager, at +358 400 715 055 or martti.rinne(at)

For Are Oy: Päivi Lyly, HRD Manager, at +358 40 300 5529 or paivi.lyly(at)


Picture: Are Oy



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